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Eliot’s Alcohol based sanitiser package


Category: Sanitisers


Made to the W.H.O formula, this Hospital Standard sanitiser is high strength (80% alcohol) to ensure immediate sanitisation of bacteria and viruses

It is formulated to be perfect for hand and hard surface protection – simply apply after routine cleaning.

As it contains alcohol it is flammable so do not use near sources of heat of naked flames – if this is an issue to you, we suggest you select our alcohol free range which is not flammable

This package includes all you need to ensure your premises, staff and customers can be kept spotlessly clean and sterile

We include :

3 x 5 litre jerrycans of hand and hard surface sanitiser
1 x 250ml flip top bottle of hand sanitiser
1 x 500ml trigger spray bottle ready for filling
1 x pelican pump for refilling the bottles



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